We are here to help you on your journey to buying a new home, and we love helping first home buyers with the many Government benefits and options available.

Loan structure is important as it will affect your future finances. We will save you time and confusion in trying to work out which loan and borrowing structure is best for you.

As mortgage reduction specialists, we ensure you are set up correctly to pay less interest over time and own your home sooner.

We have access to over 40+ lenders and have knowledge in the many loan products, policies, and structures available including 5-10% deposit loans, guarantor loans or equity loans where no cash savings is required.

Come and discuss your plans with us and we will make sure you are well informed and given the best advice every step of the way.


Loan structure is key when purchasing an investment property. Whether you are using equity in your current home to cover your deposit and costs so you don’t need any cash savings, or looking at a 95% lend, P&I repayments or Interest Only for investment growth purposes, we can help you.

We have spent many years investing ourselves and setting up investment structures correctly for our clients to ensure they maximise the tax benefits available from the ATO. With our professional advice and knowledge, you can reduce your home loan by up to 10 years with the right structure, so talk to us first!
Tell us your goals and what you want to achieve and we will put you on the right financial path to get you there.


This is one of the most effective ways of saving from $500 pm to $1,500 pm in interest repayments and reducing your home loan years early, and we do all the work for you.

Don’t get stuck in that cycle of paying all your bills separately, with the high interest rates for credit cards, car loans and personal loans. We can consolidate all debts into one low loan repayment each month. Let us take away the financial stress so you can be free.

We can calculate your possible savings each month and show you some options by answering a few quick questions, so book a free consultation with us. Wouldn’t you rather use your money for more important things in life like a holiday, your family and your future.


SMSFs are a powerful way to save for retirement, and a great option to consider when purchasing investment property.

We have helped many clients purchase and refinance property through their SMSF and are familiar with the best lenders and options available. We have access to rates from 3.79% pa.

If you like advice on purchasing residential property using superannuation to grow wealth for your future, we have the experts in our team, so give us a call.

Wealth Creation Strategies

Let us create a pathway to help you get to where you want to be, that suits your lifestyle and goals.

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An all-in-one service to help women achieve property and financial goals.