Buy property with no cash outlay using equity in other property, or a family guarantee.  There are 2% deposit options available for single parents with no LMI fees.

Use a 5% deposit to buy a home and waive LMI fees.  Check government grants and first home buyer offers available through the banks.



Buy investment property using equity and maximise tax benefits available through the ATO.  Use a variation certificate from your Accountant to pay less tax up front.  Use this to help pay off your home loan years sooner and save thousands of dollars in interest.

Start a property portfolio using an interest only loan and minimal deposit and use rental income and tax benefits to cover monthly interest repayments.   Use the equity growth from this property after 12-18 months to purchase a second property using the same strategy.  This is how investors buy multiple properties to get the equity growth over a 10-15 year plan.



Invest with a friend.  Purchase investment property with a friend using contracts with a 5-10 year plan, with an exit clause and transparent terms.  Our experts can go over this with you in detail.

Purchase investment property using superannuation.  You can purchase investment property using a 20% deposit from your superannuation through an SMSF and an 80% LVR loan through an SMSF lender.  Our experts can help you with advice on this strategy and set you up if required.



RentVesting – Rent where you want to live and buy investment property in a high growth area and receive the tax deductible benefits from your investment.   Grow the equity and sell or release equity from the property for your retirement or to help you buy into an area you want to live.